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Sainik School Kodagu is the twenty second Sainik School in the country and the second in the state of Karnataka. It was established on 18th October 2007. The school comes under the purview of Karnataka State Government and Ministry of Defence, Govt of India and is administered by a Local Board of Administrators. The school trains its boys in overall development while providing quality education and creating a consciousness of national integration.

Sainik School Kodagu stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of military education, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Kodagu district in Karnataka, India. Established with the noble aim of nurturing young minds with a blend of academic rigor and military discipline, the school has been shaping the leaders of tomorrow since its inception. With a rich heritage spanning decades, Sainik School Kodagu remains committed to instilling values of courage, integrity, and leadership, preparing its cadets to excel in both academic pursuits and the noble service of the nation.

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Sainik School Kodagu
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