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Visit of Shri ST Somashekhar, Minister of cooperation STS and Mysore District Incharge Minister

Hon.Min ST Somashekar VisitsSSKGHon.Min ST Somashekar Visits SSKG








Minister of Co operation and Mysore District Incharge Minister  S T Somshekhar has given an assurance to grant 5 Cr to the development of Sainik School Kodagu. He had an interaction with the Principal, Col G Kannan here in the campus for a few minutes after his arrival in the campus. City Development Minister B A Basavaraj and MLA Appachu Ranjan were also present on the occasion.

During his visit,  Principal, Col G Kannan brought the point of flood damages incurred in 2018 to his notice  and requested for the possible help. As an immediate response STS gave a call to the Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Irrigation Mr Rakesh Singh and requested him to give positive response for the grant of 5 Cr and the Officer has shown his consent in the issue. MLA Mr Appachu Ranjan was also present over there.