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artArt is not what you see, but what you make others see Art is the representation of our thoughts and interpretation of skills a person possess. In order to horn these skills and make the cadets of our school to perform at the various competitions, the Art Club of our school is imparting training in basics of drawings like geometrical forms, shading tones, Nature Drawing , Still Life Drawing, Calico Painting, Glass Painting, Clay Modeling, Plaster of Paris Mural, Balloon Paper Mask, Wood Carving, Fiber Coasting, Cement Murals and so on. There are 22 members in this club. The members have started horning their artistic skills by various basics in art. The club would be a fruitful for those cadets who have great love for art.

astronomyAstronomy and Meteorology club has the strength of 54 cadets. The cadets of the club are enthusiastic and participate actively. Cadets attend the club with latest news related with Astronomy, which they collect from newspapers. They have prepared a scrapbook.

To Inculcate and develop the skills of Wood Cutting, Paper Cutting, Sticker Cutting, Thermocole cutting and sand art etc, Craft Club was Introduced. This club has 35 cadets, learning the skills of Art being imparted by Mr. Mohammed Ali. Under the guidance of Mr. Manjappa G K. Asst Master Kannada.

karateKarate club brings out physical and mental discipline in Cadets and help them excel in all activities they undertake. Our students get rigorous training under the able guidance of our instructor sensei Mr. A. M Mohammad Iqabl, Black belt V Dan. Presently we have hundred and four cadets in the club.

musicThe Music Club aspires to fulfil the thirst of music lovers of our school with 30 Cadets. Musical instruments like Harmonium, Synthesizer, Tabla Set, Bango, Morracus and Tambourine are some of the collections. Mr. G.K. Manjappa, Asst. Master Kannada is the incharge of this club. The club gives maximum exposure to the Cadets about the traditional and modern musical instruments as well as different genres of music.

PERFORMINGARTWith a few cadets the performing arts club trains the cadets in various dance forms under the guidance of Mrs. Sreelekha, Asst. Master English. The club takes initiative in all the cultural activities conducted in and off campus.

In order to create historical awareness and interest among the Cadets of our school, the Philately and Numismatics Club of our school has been started with 32 cadets as its members. Mr. A.Y. Kengare, Asst. Master Social Science is the in-charge of the Philately and Numismatics Club. A rich collection of more than one thousand images stamps and two hundred images of coins inspiring our Cadets to develop a habit of collecting stamps and coins of national and international importance. The aspiring members of our club will enrich this collection by collecting more number of stamps and coins..

photography-clubTo inculcate and develop the skills of photography and video shooting as a hobby this club was introduced with 30 cadets under the guidance of Mr. Sushant T. Yaragatti, The Librarian. The Cadets are gaining the knowledge of taking good photos and how to shoot good videos in different conditions. Cadets learn the techniques, technologies of photography and how to handle and care the Digital Cameras and Video Cameras. Cadets are also taught Photoshop application, Movie maker with help of a Pinnacle Studio (software) in connection with editing photos and video.

scienceTo quench the knowledge thirst of our cadets Science club was started headed by Mr. Suryanarayana, PGT- Physics and assisted by Mr. N. Vibin Kumar, PGT- Biology, Mrs. Triveni M.N, TGT -Biology, and Mr. J. Veersheshaiah - TGT General Science with 38 cadets as members in our club. The cadets were taken for a field visit inside the campus to get themselves acquainted with the different flora on two different occasions. A small beautiful garden is being brought to life by our Cadets’ enthusiasm and interest in front of Biology lab. As the road to knowledge never ends, so will our quest to knowledge be.

ToastToast Master Club is the one where, Cadets learn how to speak, they gain confidence in public speaking skills, choosing appropriate words for their speech, body language which co-operates with the words what they speak. With the strength 50 members they listen great speeches, watch video of serious talk, they practice how to talk humorously but using strong words. Presently it is working under Mr. Raghavendra Raje Urs B, Asst Master, English .

With the motto is to learn historical, geographical, political flags with its origin and significance the Vexillology club was started with a strength of 42. Cadets learn the art of making a flag, study of its feature, purpose for which it is used under the guidance of Mr. Prasad MH. Asst Master, Kannada. They also learn the history of flags development.

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