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Visit to Historical Places of Hassan by Cadets of Class VIII


    The school organized the picnic for class VIII students on 28-07-17, Friday. The chosen venue for the picnic was Sjravanbelagola, halebidu and Beluru.

   With the heart filled with beatitude and incitement, we left to Shravanbelagola. It must be around 8:30 hrs we reached the famous Jain Pilgrimage town, Shravanbelagola, but we had already caught a glimpse of the huge monolithic statue from quite a distance. I remember reading about the massive statute at Shravanbelagola in my history textbook. However, it is only when the places and the stories we’ve read about visualize in front of our eyes that we begin to appreciate the profound richness of our history, our religious and the various civilizations that passed through the ages.

     From Shravanbelagola with hearts filled with peace & happiness we left to Halebidu. Halebidu literally mean ruined city and got its name after the city was attacked twice be the Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century. The city was the capital of the Hoyasala rulers during the 12th & 13th century. The idea of this temple is believed to have been proposed by one of the ministers under the Hoyasala King. Out of his love & gratitude for the King & Queen.

         From Halebidu we travelled to Beluru. The Channakeshava temple at Balur is dedicated to lord Vishnu and was built in the 12th centrury. We observed that Halebid temple has a more beautiful exterior, Belur has more exquisite carvings in the interior.

                                                                                                                                                     Report by: Ms. Parvathi P, Asst. Master in Maths

Visit to Neharu Planetarium Bangalore by Cadets of Class VII

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Visit to heritage city mysure by Cadets of class VI


As a part of co-curricular activity an  educational trip was organised by the school for 103  cadets of class VI to Mysore on 22 July 2017. As per  the schedule, we started our journey from the school  at 06.20 hrs on school bus and later a hired bus.                First  we reached Chamundi hill, the divine abode  of  goddess Chamundeshwari. Since there was a  special  prayer service for the goddess going on, we  waited for  our turn to enter the temple along with the  tourists. Standing in-front of the statue of Mahishasura we  were reminded of the legend of Mysore and the reason why it was named Mysuru. After this we visited  Nandi hill and we had delicious breakfast there itself. Then we started our journey and reached Mysore palace, the official residence and the place where the golden throne of Wadiyar dynasty is placed. Later we visited the ceremonial meeting hall of the royal court built by Maharaja Rajashri, and a huge golden Ambari, golden Howdaha which is of about 750 kg and embellished with gold, silver figurines by Swamikala nipuna Singannacharya. Then we visited Mysore zoo which spreads over 157 acre. The zoo came into existence in the year 1902. The visit provided the opportunity to know the biodiversity of endangered, vulnerable, endemic, extinct species. Then we visited Krishnaraja Sagara Dam which was constructed on river Cauvery under the able guidance of Sir. M. Visweswaraya.  The cadets enjoyed a lot while witnessing the musical fountain. We left Mysore and reached the school at 22.20 hrs safely. The tour left an indelible impression of the bounties of nature in the minds of cadets that would be carried on for years to come.

                                                                                             Report By: Ms.Leelavathi D H, Master in Chemistry


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