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Visit to Mysure University library by Reader's Club members

Visit to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala

A contingent of 190 cadets of Class IX and X escorted by eight teachers visited INA Ezhimala from 01to 03 Dec 2017.  The objectives of the visit were:

  • To enrich our knowledge about National Defence
  • Awareness about the necessity of a force to safeguard the national interest in our territorial waters.
  • Get hands on experience of new places.
  • To provide us an opportunity to take part in one of the popular Marathons.

Whole contingent was accommodated in Cheeta and Brave Heart squadrons. A sight-seeing was also organized for us by the Academy.  Mr. Pramod Singh (from INA) co-ordinate our visits to Kautilya Block, Panini Library and to the stable on the sea-shore.  We energized ourselves in Katari Mess in a dignified way. We took part in 5Km run in ‘Land of Legends’ marathon, secured our medals by completing it successfully. The whole visit enthralled us by the Academy’s majestic look and the service what it is offering to the nation. We were strongly motivated by the fruitful visit to INA. Being Asia’s biggest Naval Academy, INA impressed me a lot to take a firm decision to choose what I have to become in near future.  I thank authorities of INA, our school authorities and my teachers for giving me an opportunity to visit INA and decide what I have to do to join INA by 2021-22.

                                                                                                                                                               Report By: Cdt Ajith M Yankanchi, Class X 


NDA Visit

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Ms. Sreelekha V S and Team

Visit to Historical Places of Hassan by Cadets of Class VIII


    The school organized the picnic for class VIII students on 28-07-17, Friday. The chosen venue for the picnic was Sjravanbelagola, halebidu and Beluru.

   With the heart filled with beatitude and incitement, we left to Shravanbelagola. It must be around 8:30 hrs we reached the famous Jain Pilgrimage town, Shravanbelagola, but we had already caught a glimpse of the huge monolithic statue from quite a distance. I remember reading about the massive statute at Shravanbelagola in my history textbook. However, it is only when the places and the stories we’ve read about visualize in front of our eyes that we begin to appreciate the profound richness of our history, our religious and the various civilizations that passed through the ages.

     From Shravanbelagola with hearts filled with peace & happiness we left to Halebidu. Halebidu literally mean ruined city and got its name after the city was attacked twice be the Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century. The city was the capital of the Hoyasala rulers during the 12th & 13th century. The idea of this temple is believed to have been proposed by one of the ministers under the Hoyasala King. Out of his love & gratitude for the King & Queen.

         From Halebidu we travelled to Beluru. The Channakeshava temple at Balur is dedicated to lord Vishnu and was built in the 12th centrury. We observed that Halebid temple has a more beautiful exterior, Belur has more exquisite carvings in the interior.

                                                                                                                                                     Report by: Ms. Parvathi P, Asst. Master in Maths

Visit to Neharu Planetarium Bangalore by Cadets of Class VII


      A contingent of 107 cadets  from class VII A, B and C had their educational excursion to Bengaluru and Sreerangapatnam on 25 Jul 2017. They were escorted by Mr. Prasad M H, Mr. Shivakumar and Ms Jhansi Rani.

         The main purpose of the visit was to give the cadets an opportunity to witness shows at Nehru Planetarium, to provide first hand information and experience about the functioning of state legislature popularly known as Vidhana Soudha from where the state of Karnataka is governed. Cadets also paid obeisance at Sreeranganatha Temple at Sreerangapatnam. The temple architecture was quite amazing and breath-taking. The whole excursion enriched us by giving an exposure to the cosmic beauty including formation of eclipse coupled with a religious attachment, grandeur of the past history enabling us to study the basics of architecture, thereby strengthening the concepts learnt in the classrooms.

Report by: Prasad M H, Asst Master In Kannada


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