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K M CariappaCariappa House is named after Field Marshal KM Cariappa, the first Commander-in-Chief independent Indian Army, the great visionary and pioneer of the Indian armed forces. We are very proud to submit the report of our House. These are the highlights of our House achievements.






 House Master : Dr. Sreedhar
House Wardboy : Mr.Rajarao
House Strength : 68
 House Captain : Cdt. Harsha, Roll. No. 611
House Colour : Red

              Cariappa House is named after Field Marshal KM Cariappa, the first Commander-in-Chief independent Indian Army, the great visionary and pioneer of the Indian armed forces. I am very proud to submit the report of our House.

“Cracks, crevices in the long haul of a person turn into beds of flowers and passage for the life-nurturing fluid – water.” Quoting this, I am here to brief all of you about the journey of Cariappa House. It has been a marvelous drive for the Cariappans since they have learnt a lot of ethical, social, bio-conserving values embarking on this journey. I state that a huge step for improvement has taken place. These are the highlights of our House achievements:


Our House also proved their excellence in academics. Many of the cadets secured first position in their examinations.

In class IX

  1. Ajit Kumar B P                      Roll No. 496-CGPA  9.6
  2. Deepanshu Singh                 Roll No. 766-CGPA  9.4
  3. Sheelesen P D                      Roll No. 543-CGPA  9.4

In Class VIII

  1. Ajay                                     Roll No.598 - Grade -A1
  2. Harsha                                 Roll No.611 –Grade -A1
  3. Prasad                                 Roll No.599 – Grade -A1 

In Class VII

  1. Siddeshwar                          Roll No. 703-CGPA -10
  2. Chidanand                            Roll No.726-CGPA-9.8
  3. Akash Mudhol                      Roll No.687-CGPA-9.6

In Class VI

  1. Basavaraj                             Roll No.783- 88%
  2. Devaraj                                Roll No.867-85%
  3. Vishwanath                           Roll No.839-84%

Sports and Games

Cadets of Cariappa Junior house proved their prowess and stamina in Annual Athletic meet showing they are not lesser than their opponents. Cadet Arun stood 1st place in 800m and cadet Suhas bagged 2nd  place in Long Jump. The house placed 2nd in Basketball Tournament.

Co-Curricular Activities:

The house stood 1st in Kannada Elocution, English Elocution, and English Debate.



House Master : Mr. Suresh K
House Wardboy : Mr. Ramachandra
House Strength : 59
House Captain : Cdt. Kiran Budni,Roll. No. 340
House Colour : Red


The cadets who qualified in UPSC-NDA/INA entrance examination are as follows:

  1. Cadet Adithya Kumar, Roll No. 320
  2. Cadet S.L. Yuvan Shankar, Roll No. 372
  3. Cadet M. Y. Vijay, Roll No. 380

Their hard works brought laurels to the house.  Congratulations for their achievements and we wish that they must prepare well to appear before the Services Selection Board and join in either one of the prestigious and esteemed defence institutions like National Defence Academy or Indian Naval Academy.

Sports and Games:

Cariappa Senior House has achieved the following positions in various events of inter house sports and games competition as given under:

  1. Basket Ball Competition     : First
  2. Volley Ball Competition      : First
  3. Foot Ball Competition         : Second
  4. Annual Athletic Meet          : Second

The participants have brought laurels to the house as they could perform better in Senior category competitions.  Cadet Rahul Kumar, Roll No. 423 was adjudged as the best athlete in Senior Category.  Congratulations to Cdt. Rahul and all other participants!

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular:

The events and achievement of the house is as follows:

  1. English Debate Competition         : First
  2. English Elocution Competition     : First
  3. Kannada Elocution Competition  : First
  4. Hindi Elocution Competition         : First
  5. Hindi Essay writing Competition   : Third
  6. Hindi Debate Competition              : Fourth
  7. Kannada Essay writing Competition: Third

We acknowledge the hard efforts put in by the participants of all the above competitions and wish them all the very best.

South zone and other inter School competitions:

In the Inter School South-zone sports and games championship held at Sainik School Bhubaneswar few cadets of the house have taken part and brought laurels to the school which is required to be mentioned as part of the house achievements and it is as follows:

  1. Southzone English Debate Competition            : Championship trophy had been lifted by the School and the participants were Cdt. Goyank Reddy, Roll No. 665 and Cdt. Pavan Thimmaiah, Roll No. 454.
  2. Best Masters of Ceremony in Southzone cultural Competition          : Cdt. Goyank Reddy, Roll No. 665 and Cdt. Pavan Thimmaiah, Roll No. 454
  3. Southzone Quiz Competition  : Cdt. Goyank Reddy, Roll No. 665 and Cdt. Rahul Kumar, Roll No. 423 was the team representing the School and adjudged in fourth position.
  4. In wetland sports and games competition Cadet Sheelsen, Roll No. 543 has bagged the first position in 100m running race.

We, the Cariappans looking forward to lift the prestigious cock house trophy for the academic year 2017 – 18 by winning in the remaining competitions as well.

                                                                                      Report By: Mr. Suresh K, House Master


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